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Arkansas Water Plan 2014 Update Appendices

The fundamental bases of the AWP 2014 Update are the analyses described in the appendices of the plan. The appendices are intended to present information that is too detailed to be included as a whole in the AWP 2014 Update. Some of the appendices are technical in nature and will require that the reader have a familiarity with the subject. Other appendices are reference materials that are published elsewhere, but will assist the reader by having the information readily available. A number of the appendices are individual informational reports that describe the physical, institutional and socioeconomic setting of the state and highlight the changes since the 1990 AWP. Finally, some of the appendices are related to the AWP 2014 Update process and they describe how portions of the AWP 2014 Update were accomplished.

Technical Appendices
Appendix C * – Water Availability Report. This appendix includes surface water quantity and quality, groundwater quantity and quality, and a framework for establishing flows to support fish and wildlife.
Appendix E * – Water Demand Forecast Report
Appendix F * – Gap Analysis Report
Appendix G * – Alternatives for Sustainability of Crop Irrigation in the East Arkansas Water Resources Planning Region
Reference Appendices
Appendix A * – Arkansas Groundwater Protection and Management Act
Appendix D * – Aquifers of Arkansas Report
Informational Appendices
Appendix B * – Regional Water Resource Planning Area Reports
Appendix I * – Statewide Physical Environment Report
Appendix J * – Statewide Demography, Economy, Social Setting and Environmental Issues Report
Appendix K * – Statewide Institutional Setting Report
Process Description Appendices
Appendix H * – Issues and Recommendations
Appendix L * – List of Stakeholder Involvement Activities Completed